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Getting Ready for Your First Individual Counseling Appointment

Preparing to go to your first therapy session can produce anxiety all on its own. You should realize that making that appointment is a great first step and should not be minimized. Before you go to your fist session, however, let’s look at the issues that prompted you to make the appointment.

Define Your Anxiety

Right now, you know exactly what you want to talk about, but once you’re in the therapist’s office, it might be harder to express. It’s a kind of stage fright, and it’s easy to feel mentally unready to open up. Before you go to your appointment, jot a few things down to help you remember. Bring it with you, and refer to it. This is a common practice, and therapists see this often.

Make Time for the Appointment

If it’s at all possible, allow yourself time before and after the appointment. If you have to run in on your lunch hour, you’re going to be rushed and have other things on your mind. Maybe you can take the entire day off. If that’s not possible, perhaps you could take a two-hour lunch. Give yourself 30-45 minutes before the appointment to relax, calm your mind, and focus on the things you want to talk about.

Define Your Goals and Your Needs

What do you want to accomplish at your appointment? Here are a few to start with:

  • I want to feel better.
  • I want to quit _____.
  • I want to start _____.
  • I’m afraid of _____.
  • I have a problem with _____.
  • I want to know how to handle stress.

If these sentences don’t clearly define the reason for your appointment, they might lead you to the correct goals you’re hoping to achieve.

man There are all kinds of reasons for an individual counseling appointment, and none of them are wrong. Remember this is your time, and you can choose what to talk about. To learn more about individual therapy services or to ask questions about what we offer, drop by our website at A Caring Approach.