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How Therapy Can Help You Take Steps Toward Personal Growth

Preparing Your Relationship for a New Baby

Your home won’t be the only thing that will need to be baby proofed as you wait for your precious new family member to arrive. The baby will change the dynamic of your family life and inevitably, your relationship. You may have already started to notice some changes in the way you and your partner interact. You may be drawing closer together so...

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Should We Try Couples Counseling Before Separating?

Should We Try Couples Counseling Before Separating?

Sometimes happily ever after eludes us, and the harsh realities of life take over. These everyday issues can strain family ties and marriages to the breaking point. Relationship counseling has helped many people deal with their issues and has an average success rate...

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Tips for Navigating Holiday Depression and Anxiety

Tips for Navigating Holiday Depression and Anxiety

If you don’t feel like your normal self during the holidays, don’t worry. It’s not just you. Holiday anxiety and stress is common for a lot of people, even the ones who look like they are having the time of their lives. Are things easier for them? Are they finding the...

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About A Caring Approach

Dr. Durana draws on a wide variety of successful psychotherapeutic methods when working with patients. A combination of holistic therapeutic services may be needed to confront the challenges in your life, and A Caring Approach will help you create your own wellness strategy using methods to manage your progress.

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