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In recent years, one in six Americans started seeing a therapist for the first time while 31 percent either continued a therapy regimen or returned to therapy. Many Americans who don’t seek individual therapy believe that they can handle the issue alone or that their problems aren’t important enough to bring to someone else’s attention. As for handling an issue alone, that becomes virtually impossible if you can’t identify the problem. For example, depression sneaks up on about 17.3 million Americans while anxiety disorders affect at least 40 million people in the US. Many feel the symptoms, which can include lethargy, loss of interest, and emotional unrest without ever equating it with a mental health issue. When that happens, relief is not likely to be found without help.

The truth is that there is no issue that is too small or seemingly unimportant to bring to a therapist. Some common reasons for seeking individual counseling include:

  • Break-ups and other relationship issues
  • Past traumas
  • Loss and grief
  • Stress and related issues involving anxiety
  • Depression and loss of interest in family and normal activities
  • Phobias and panic disorders
  • Support for personal issues like confidence, self-esteem, and body image
  • Dealing with transitions and achieving goals

Regardless of your reason, there are many benefits of therapy.

  1. It’s a source of support – We all need someone who listens to us without being judgmental or critical.
  2. Therapists help us develop coping mechanisms – Some coping strategies the average individual uses are unhealthy and don’t benefit them in the long run. A therapist can help us identify and choose healthy, productive coping methods that will help us change our behaviors for the better.
  3. Therapists can help you understand and evaluate issues – A therapist can evaluate your circumstances and feelings to identify the problem and expose the issues that need to be resolved.
  4. It can help you develop skills – Therapy can help you discover any issues you may have with communication and help you to improve your social skills.
  5. Relapsing happens – A therapist is there to guide you through a rough patch and lead you to a stronger place mentally and emotionally.
  6. You will value yourself more – A therapist can reinforce your worth as a person and help you to embrace and recognize your needs and goals.
  7. Improve communication in relationships – Your therapist can help you to resolve relationship issues by focusing on clear and respectful communication.
  8. Improve your overall wellness – You will learn how to make healthier choices that won’t compromise your physical or emotional health.

A Caring Approach offers options including individual counseling, couples counseling, and wellness and life coaching to help you on your path to success. Contact us or visit our website today to learn more, to ask questions, or to schedule an appointment.