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For many individuals, New Year’s resolutions are a common tradition. Others are attracted to the idea of starting from scratch. Most people have a natural inclination toward self-improvement, and the New Year, though an arbitrary day, offers us a target date to prepare our plans and get in the right mindset. The fact that so many people keep making resolutions year after year, even though they do not or cannot always carry them through, suggests they have hope and a certain degree of confidence in their ability to change, to become more of what they really want to be. This urgency for change comes from our inner desire to be happier; to pursue the kind of life that we feel we deserve.

Start Small

The “go big or go home” attitude is not helpful here. It is one of the key reasons why many New Year’s resolutions are never achieved. The best way to avoid this is to start small and slowly build on your initial resolution to build good, healthy habits. For example, instead of giving up sweets, consider adding more fruit to your diet, and gradually shortening your candy supply as the weeks go by. Breaking the resolutions into obtainable measures will make the tasks less daunting.

Resolve to Reconnect

The social animal in each of us is starting a new year. We’re inspired to meet new, exciting people. Instead of concentrating exclusively on expanding your social circles, you should also find space in your calendar to reconnect and deepen your friendship with old friends and relatives. This New Year’s resolution will improve your overall quality of life.

Invest in Yourself

Investing your time in improving your own talents, qualities and personal strengths that you already possess can be incredibly rewarding. It may be that you’re a talented artist or dancer. Instead of dismissing these abilities and trying something new, consider concentrating on developing them and becoming better. Take part in a course, workshop, or related activity.

We all hope that 2021 will be the year we recover from the pandemic, renewed and reinvigorated. But in the meantime, small improvements can help you be happy regardless. If you’re interested in discussing your resolutions with a life coach or counselor, schedule an appointment with A Caring Approach today. Dr. Durana can help you create good habits for lasting improvements.