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The new advent of virtual communication has been available for quite some time. But with the impact of Covid-19, an increasing number of counselors are offering telehealth counseling to protect themselves and their clients. Virtual counseling involves a therapy session conducted via video conference, as opposed to in-person treatment. It can also include group counseling or a mental health program where video conferencing is used for check-ins. These video sessions can be conducted anywhere, and at any time that fits within the schedules of the client and counselor. Although spurred forward by required change to meet restrictions imposed by the pandemic, there are pros and cons to virtual counseling to consider making the transition.


Accessibility: Appointments can be kept across greater distances and fit into tighter time frames, all things that are a priority now more than ever. You can access online therapy anywhere in the state you live in. So, you can talk to a counselor anywhere you feel comfortable talking about challenging topics. 

Convenience: Online counseling appointments can happen at a time that is most convenient for you. Some online counselors offer appointments in the evenings and on the weekend. Save money on the trip here and bring your mental health support into your own home. A Caring Approach offers appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. 


Insurance: Some types of teletherapy are not covered by insurance companies. Luckily, if you’re already seeing a counselor, and move to virtual sessions, your insurance coverage shouldn’t be impacted. 

Unreliable Technology: When going to an in-person counseling session, things periodically go wrong. Be it a flat tire or a traffic jam, you can’t always count on everything to go flawlessly. The same is true for virtual sessions. Although you no longer need to worry about a flat tire, you may have internet troubles or a computer battery die. And if you’re not terribly tech savvy to begin with, virtual counseling may require more of a learning curve than you were expecting.

Telemedicine and virtual counseling necessary alternatives to in-person counseling during these times of social distancing, especially for the at-risk community. And it’s more important than ever to proactively support your mental health during these stressful, and often isolating times we live in. Contact A Caring Approach to set up a virtual or in-person counseling appointment.