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Depression is a mental illness that impacts mind, body, and spirit, and can cause patients to feel like their lives and minds are out of their control. But physical ailments such as pain, exhaustion, and muscle fatigue are also common in patients battling depression. In addition, the depressed body may feel low in energy and experience melancholy, pessimism, hopelessness, and detachment. People struggling with depression may also find it difficult to recover without holistic counseling

The mind-body connection

While depression is deemed a mental ailment, physical pain is quite common for those living with depression. Depression can also worsen the physical symptoms associated with an existing physical ailment in several ways. This co-occurring nature decreases functioning and adherence to prescribed regimens. Although at times debilitating, depression is both common and treatable.

Healing Occurs on Multidimensional Levels

Unfortunately, countless people suffer from depression for years and never seek help. These patients often receive conventional methods such as pharmaceutical drugs to ease their pain. While these medicines are commonly used, they all provide short-term benefits and don’t solve the root problem. This is because these medicines do not heal the mental, emotional, and spiritual components of the ailment.

Human beings are multidimensional and depression is a mental illness that affects patients on different levels and should be cured on multiple levels. To cure depression, it is important to create a connection between body, mind, and spirit. This can be achieved through an integrative approach to creating a sense of self-empowerment, purpose, and meaning for existence. Patients suffering from depression regain their joy, self-empowerment, and release fear.

Healing depression on a mind-body level

Patients looking to improve their mental health must gain a complete and in-depth understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. The more awareness patients have of their experience on all levels, better communication can be between counselor and patient. In fact, patients who opt for holistic methods can combine it with their medical treatment and experience effective, long-term relief. 

Depression must be healed on a multidimensional level. Patients can combine their medical treatments with holistic methods to experience long-term relief. Contact A Caring Approach to schedule an appointment to begin exploring how holistic counseling can improve your depression.