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Couples counseling can prove to be beneficial for couples in a variety of different stages of life, from helping couples draw closer to each other, to overcoming challenges and conflicts that can arise within a relationship. Couples counseling Bethesda MD can help couples to overcome differences and struggles, to grow closer to each other and be united as one. Below are some of the common reasons and ways that a counselor can help couples.

Remarriage and Blended Families

When it comes to getting remarried, there are some extra nerves that can be experienced, and rightly so, about entering into another marriage. According to statistics, the rate of divorce for a second marriage is higher than that of a first marriage. For couples that are bringing children into a new marriage, they find that there is an added level of complication. A marriage counselor can help couples make the transition smoother, and overcome the obstacles and barriers unique with remarriage.

Extended Family

For some couples, in-laws can be more than a simple nuisance. In fact, for some couples, in-laws can lead to serious marital issues. The ability to set healthy boundaries can be difficult, especially for those who come from a dysfunctional family. Common issues that many couples face include how much time to spend with extended family, or determining what role extended family will play in your new lives. A marriage counselor can aid couples in setting boundaries, and identifying strategies to help establish and maintain a healthy relationship with extended family, despite problems.

Mental Health Problems

When one partner suffers from mental health problems, the relationship is impacted. Issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can take a serious toll on a marriage, and can interfere with a couple’s ability to have and maintain a healthy relationship. Couples who suffer from mental health issues in their relationship can benefit from meeting with a couples counselor, who can help them learn how to work together and treat or deal with mental illness.


Whether you are dealing with the grief of miscarriage, or the loss of a child or parent, grief takes on many different forms, and can be devastating to a marriage. With the assistance of a counselor, couples can learn to work through the grief together, bringing them together rather than tearing them apart.


Addiction comes in many different shapes and forms. Not all addictions are drug and alcohol related. In fact, addiction is one of the most common reasons that couples seek help from a counselor. Different types of counseling, such as couples, individual, or group therapy are necessary to help treat and overcome an addiction.


One of the biggest reasons that a couple will seek help from a counselor is for infidelity. The decision to recover or work through an affair is a difficult and complicated process. Couples counseling can help couples address the reasons which led to the infidelity, and work through trust issues and feelings that are associated with an affair.

Couples counseling Bethesda MD is not just for those couples who are in crisis. In fact, counseling can be very beneficial for all couples who are struggling with any aspect of their relationship. Dr. Durana at A Caring Approach in Washington DC, Reston VA, and Bethesda MD has years of experience in helping couples learn to communicate and work through issues in relationships, to find a happy resolution. If you are looking for a caring and compassionate couples counselor, contact Dr. Durana at A Caring Approach today!

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