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3 Ways to Stay Calm and Manage Anxiety While Practicing Social Distancing

Global precautions are encouraging each person to stay home when possible and stay six feet away from others when going out. Social distancing impacts each individual differently. For many, face-to-face interactions with loved ones improve mood and provide an enjoyable medium for passing time. Many familiar social opportunities are presently unavailable. The lack of such interactions can lead to ... Read More

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Stress Reduction and Wellness Enhancement

Stress is a normal part of life for business professionals, homemakers, and everyone in between. Small amounts of it keep us motivated and productive. But when stress becomes unmanageable, it begins to negatively impact our ability to perform daily tasks and our overall well-being. When stress is high, calming and holistic approaches can help with ... Read More

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Anxiety

It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious, especially when stressful life changes occur. However, some people may become overwhelmed with anxiety and it begins to interfere with their personal lives. These people may be struggling with an anxiety disorder. Many studies have been conducted by scientists and health care professionals regarding the influence mental health can ... Read More

Exploring the Mind-Body Connection: Depression

Depression is a mental illness that impacts mind, body, and spirit, and can cause patients to feel like their lives and minds are out of their control. But physical ailments such as pain, exhaustion, and muscle fatigue are also common in patients battling depression. In addition, the depressed body may feel low in energy and ... Read More

How Relationship Counseling Can Save Your Marriage

Statistics show that between 40 and 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. Couples who are in failing relationships often feel stuck, frustrated, powerless, and believe divorce is their only option to find happiness. But divorce doesn’t have to be the only way out of the conflict in your marriage. If your ... Read More

How Depression is Affecting the Intimacy in Your Relationship

Depression impacts all areas of your life, but the devastating effect it can have on your relationships may create unforeseen problems. It can cause several challenges such as feeling no intimate connection with your partner, trouble communicating about intimacy, difficulties with sexual self-esteem, not knowing how to initiate intimacy, and/or no interest in sex in ... Read More

The Connection Between Inflammation and Depression

As the awareness for whole body health continues to grow, we must take a closer look at the connection between inflammation and depression—and how individual counseling combined with holistic healing can help with both. Depression Does Not Cause Inflammation Depression is not an inflammatory disease but those who suffer from acute or chronic inflammation may ... Read More

5 Tips for Helping a Loved One Who Could Benefit From Counseling

It is excruciatingly painful to watch a loved one struggle with mental health issues while knowing they could benefit from professional counseling. Naturally, you’ll want to introduce the idea of professional counseling to your loved one. Thankfully there are effective ways to have this conversation. Follow these steps by your Bethesda counseling experts to tell ... Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling, albeit often overlooked, is a crucial step in the wedding process. Unless couples are getting married in a religious environment with required faith-based marriage counseling, premarital counseling is forgotten. Premarital counseling is designed to set couples up in the best positive way for marriage and help avoid troubling times in the future. Here ... Read More

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and How Does it Work?

Treating people for psychological issues such as addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression can be a complex process. Not all people react to therapy in the same way because we all come from different backgrounds. So if you’re looking for Reston or Bethesda counseling, how do you know which style is the best option for ... Read More