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Couples therapy can be an intimidating issue to discuss. When you think of couples therapy, you may conjure up images of bitter, arguing husbands and wives sitting in front of an uncomfortable counselor.  This is a highly inaccurate perspective, and is detrimental to many of those that would benefit from a couples therapy session. Couples counseling sessions can be helpful to couples at any stage of a relationship, even for happy couples with no issues. Many issues that could potentially hurt couples and their relationships can be avoided if couples were more open to counseling sessions and starting therapy before issues arise.  Here are some common issues that can be addressed in a couples counseling Reston VA session:

  1. Budgeting Issues

It’s common for couples, especially new couples, to have different ideas when it comes to how money should be saved or spent.  Fights over financial issues can be tense and full of emotions that could be hard to discuss without a neutral party to referee the conversation. You can discuss what part of the monthly budget should be set aside for savings, how money should be spent, and what the savings are for.  Organizing priorities and setting aside time to discuss financial issues with your partner in couples counseling is a great way to prevent a problem from starting, and can keep your relationship strong.

  1. Multicultural Backgrounds

Dating or marriage with two people from different environmental and racial backgrounds can come with its own set of specific challenges.  Relationships that are between two people with similar backgrounds are already challenging, but when you add the pressure of racial tensions, it can lead to hostile attitudes and misunderstandings. Seeing a couples counselor will give you the tools to know how to effectively communicate and handle these situations, when and if they arise, and how to approach those around the relationship (i.e., family and friends).

  1. Milestones

It is an appropriate response to look to couples counseling when problems occur in the relationship. But when you are aware of relationship milestones that may arise, seeking out couples counseling Reston VA can give you tools to deal with these new, positive experiences.  Moving in together, getting married, and having children will bring new excitement, as well as potential problems. These should be dealt with in a healthy way in order for the relationship to progress.  You can learn skills, like effective and constructive communication to not just get your opinion heard, but to turn your arguments into learning opportunities, and deepen your relationship.

Turning to couple’s counseling does not mean that your relationship is failing, or even needs help, but simply means that you are learning techniques that will help your relationship continue in a healthy way.  At Caring Approach, Dr. Carlos Durana has decades of experience, and can help you improve your relationship, no matter the issues that you are currently facing. He has offices in Reston, VA, Bethesda, MD, and Washington, DC.

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