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Couples counseling is for anyone seeking relationship improvement, whether the relationship is going wonderfully and you’re seeking to proactively strengthen it, or the relationship is struggling and needs guidance. In today’s era of ever-expanding understanding about humanity, it only makes sense to consider the tremendous benefits couples counseling can provide for your relationship. Understanding what exactly makes couples counseling Bethesda MD so effective can give you that extra push to make an appointment.

Communication Coaching

Effective couples counseling focuses on improving the communication techniques and quality between partners. Individuals are encouraged to be supportive when their partners share their inner feelings and to communicate in constructive ways. A therapist can provide guidance on how partners can talk with one another in ways that are understanding and promote unity, as well as help them to identify communication patterns that are ineffective or harmful. Listening skills are also a focus in teaching couples to speak in ways that help to strengthen their relationship.

Perspective Change

Couples counseling can help each partner to focus on an objective view of their relationship, rather than being so caught up in the emotions that often shroud judgment and perspective. Couples can be guided by a therapist to understand the most likely causes of specific underlying emotions and therefore see the process of their relationship based on certain scenarios.

Improved Behaviors

Naturally, improvement in the behavior between partners is part of what makes couples counseling so effective. In this aspect, therapists assess the relationship for behavior that is abusive or harmful psychologically, economically, or physically. If a risk is found, individual partners may be referred to more specialized treatments for drug abuse, anger management, or domestic violence. However, some cases may require a cooling period to help manage relationship issues. Therapists may also direct partners to increase, decrease, or stop certain behaviors to best serve the well-being of the couple.

Emotional Connection

Without the ability to connect emotionally, a relationship will likely grow cold and distant. Therapists work with couples to teach them how to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to one another. Fear of rejection can be a cause for holding back emotions from each other, as can past childhood experiences that produced unmet emotional needs. Therapists work with each couple to promote the expression of emotions and the acceptance of expressed emotions to bring enhanced unity to the couple.

Focus on Strengths

Working on addressing issues is hard, brave work, but it can lead couples to only notice the weaknesses present in their relationships. Therapists help prevent this by highlighting the strong elements in each relationship, which in turn can help the couple receive greater joy from their relationship during and after the couples counseling process.

These aspects of successful couples counseling sessions aren’t only for those whose relationships are hanging by a thread—they can be a great guidance tool for those seeking ways to strengthen a thriving relationship as well. Couples counseling Bethesda MD can provide insight about individual partners that they never would have discovered on their own. These insights can be the key to changes couples have desired for in their relationship for years, but just couldn’t figure out how to improve. Take some time to carefully consider if there are any areas of your relationship that could benefit from caring guidance for a truly joyful and fulfilling life. Dr. Durana also has offices in Reston, Virginia, and in Washington, DC.