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Exercise can help prevent or manage a wide range of diseases; these may include methodic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, arthritis, and others. In my therapy practice in Bethesda, Reston, and Washington DC, I find that exercise can also help boost energy, control weight, and improve sex life and sleep. The importance of exercise is often not well appreciated by patients and mental health professionals. Different types of exercise have been proven to improve mood, self-esteem, and cognitive functions (memory, learning, thinking), reduce stress, help in addiction recovery, relaxation, and reduce depression and anxiety (Exercise for Mental Health by Ashish Sharma, et al.,Journal of Clinical Psychiatric, 2006; 8(2):106; James Blumenthal, Psychosomatic Medicine, 2007; Madhukas Trivedi, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 2011).

In my therapy practice Bethesda, I encourage the use of exercise, and I guide in the development of an exercise program as part of life-style change for enhancing wellness, and treating a variety of mental issues. In future blogs, I will share a unique perspective of the use of exercise for self-development.