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Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill? If you and your partner have gone back and forth over significant issues, you need to spring clean your relationship. Spring cleaning allows you to reevaluate your relationship to know how you and your partner can improve. It keeps you on track and refreshes your marriage to keep the spark alight.

Here’s how you can spring clean your relationship for a healthy marriage.

Evaluate your relationship

As you would when spring cleaning your closet, start by opening your heart to assess the situation. Ask yourself some questions. What kind of partners do you let into your life? Do they make you happy? Or are they draining?

Sort through your love life

When you clean out your closet, you make three piles; one for the clothes you want to keep, one for things to alter, and another for stuff to throw out. Use this methodology for your relationships. Which of your relationships do you love and why? Are you staying with a partner out of obligation or loyalty? Can you do anything to salvage your relationships that don’t quite fit?

Be open and honest

It’s time to dust the dark corners of your relationship. Start by communicating with your partner to overcome any hurdles in your marriage. You could even try couples counseling to help you understand your issues. Try to bring clarity to things that aren’t working out so you have a clean conscience and can allow your relationship to grow.

Organize your relationship

You wouldn’t pile your clothes in your closet after a spring clean. So, you should keep your relationship organized too. Set boundaries with your partner, so you know you are staying on track. Plan date nights and vacations, surprise your partner in bed, or send flirty texts when they least expect it. Relight the spark in your marriage by scheduling romantic things to do together.

Ask for help

It can be challenging to know what’s best for us. Maybe your partner sees things differently from you. A Caring Approach can help you work through your issues and get you back to building a healthy and loving relationship. Couples therapy may be the answer you need to refresh your marriage and fall in love again.