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Tradition tells us every year to exchange cards, roses, and different variations of thoughtful presents on February 14. Most engage in this practice as an outward expression of love and appreciation for their loved ones. Valentine’s Day is a special day for many. It is a day that they can openly express their feelings and sentiments of affection and loyalty to others. Though Valentine’s Day is commercialized throughout Western cultures, many areas of the world have similar holidays to commemorate love and admiration. Some even have this kind of holiday with gender-specific days to gift loved ones (i.e. Taiwan, China). Most people would agree, love is a free feeling, not to be constrained by certain times or dates. So, let your emotions flood and keep tender love and passion alive every day, week or month.

Communicate Love and Gratitude on a Daily Basis

Expressing gratitude and love is important in a relationship, and therefore couples should be communicating “I love you” and “thank you” often. Communicating love can fall into both verbal and non-verbal. Once you get into the habit, you’re not even going to realize that you’re saying those words as they come out naturally and effortlessly. You will realize that over time when you say those words of gratitude, the bond between the two of you will be strengthened. 

Plan Memorable Dates

Relationships continue to flourish and grow only when they have the right energy and the right environment. So, if you’re still in the dating game, plan special and MEMORABLE evenings with just the two of you. It is essential to keep this feeling of closeness alive. There’s no rulebook/scorecard on exactly how to make the most enjoyable time together. Have a rough plan for your time together, and if the agenda falls through, find joy at the moment and do something else relevant. Make sure you plan on activities that you and your significant other can both enjoy! This is a great way to keep your loved one happy and distracted from life’s stressors, as well as to enjoy Valentine’s Day.


Another tip to keep the joy of Valentine’s Day alive every day of the year is to delight each other in a number of wonderful ways. It might be a spontaneous trip to his/her favorite place to eat, a sporadic trip to the city, or a last-minute weekend getaway. You might surprise your partner by cooking his or her favorite meal after work or a surprise treat after a hard day. Healthy surprises raise the spirits and hold the relationship’s connection.

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