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Remote employees agree that flexibility and an improved work-life balance are among the advantages of working from home. It allows them the opportunity to plan their day on a more comfortable schedule. A well-structured working day means more free time to spend away from your workplace. Research indicates that stress is one of the many consequences of poor work-life balance. It can have a negative impact on your health. This can make a person less productive, less comfortable, and less in control. On the other hand, people with a strong work-life balance are happier. They are also more in charge and less stressed. Happiness leads to more success at work and overall productivity. This also contributes to overall occupation satisfaction, thus providing a strong employee retention rate–saving company dollars in pricey training expenses.

Work-life integration brings working from home to new heights where work and life are not distinct entities requiring equal weight. Employees, instead, integrate their professional experience into their personal lives on a regular basis. Think of the integration of work-life as doing your job while living your regular life. It’s a cohesive, blended, harmonious work-life arrangement that doesn’t inherently entail combining time, while paying equal attention to the success and satisfaction with work and life separately.

Prioritization is a central component of work-life harmony. Without it, you’re floundering around creating plans and splitting your time between work and play. Therefore you can come up with some kind of schedule to fit your needs. This schedule may be observed by one, two, or both schools of thinking. One suggestion is to build a to-do list of daily and weekly goals. Draft your weekly to-do list at the beginning of the week. And put together a regular to-do list every night. Follow them religiously to get the best out of your day. This should outline your overall objectives, but make room for improvisation and revision. Then, merge these schedules into a free-flowing rubric to create a work-life balance. By creating and maintaining a set schedule, an employee can provide the optimum output.

If you need assistance improving your work-life balance or are having trouble setting boundaries to successfully work from home, consider wellness life coaching services. Contact A Caring Approach today for a quick discussion about your situation to see if life coaching is the right solution for you.