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Whether you’re a couple that have recently moved in together or you’ve been cohabitating long term, the stress and uncertainty of today’s situation can greatly impact your relationship. Recently, spending more time indoors is becoming a new normal for couples and families. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, that space may have recently started to feel much smaller. Below are a couple of tips you can use to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

Respect each other’s time and space

Even the closest of couples need time apart to keep their relationship strong. Take time to go for long walks or bike rides during the day. One person can get some fresh air and sunshine while the other watches the kids or takes some “me time” on their own by meditating or exercising while their spouse is out.

Don’t assume the other person knows what you’re thinking

This is likely the first time you and your partner are living through a pandemic. We don’t have a manual to guide us. It is important to open up to each other and deal with the emotional angst together. It is unfair to assume that your partner knows everything that’s going on in your mind. Take this time to communicate with your partner and help them understand how your mental health is being impacted by the virus.

Practice gratitude

Showing appreciation to your partner can do wonders. Saying a simple ‘Thank You’ and telling your partner about how grateful you are can help reaffirm your bond. There are always things to be grateful for, and gratitude reminds us how special, beautiful and fortunate our lives are, even under stressful or hazardous conditions.

For more information and resources to maintain your mental health during these stressful times, visit the A Caring Approach blog. If your relationship needs additional support, contact A Caring Approach to set up a virtual relationship counseling appointment with Dr. Durana today.