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It is excruciatingly painful to watch a loved one struggle with mental health issues while knowing they could benefit from professional counseling. Naturally, you’ll want to introduce the idea of professional counseling to your loved one. Thankfully there are effective ways to have this conversation. Follow these steps by your Bethesda counseling experts to tell your loved one about the benefits of counseling.

 Be supportive

There are many misconceptions around mental health in our society. As a result, the stigma around mental health has only intensified. Many people who are aware of their mental health status do not seek help because they fear judgment or ridicule. If you suspect your loved one belongs to that group, refrain from using stigmatizing language and use encouraging and supporting language when conversing with them about their mental health condition.

 Consider time and place

Talking to your loved one about their mental health requires a great deal of care as this is a sensitive topic. How and where the topic is presented is very important, as your loved one’s reaction hinges on these two aspects. Make sure never to talk about this delicate topic in front of others as this may cause discomfort.

 Offer to help

Encouraging and communicating with your friend about counseling may not be enough. Instead, offer meaningful support such as researching various professionals, contacting offices on their behalf, and guiding them to find a suitable therapist in their area or even offering to go with them on their first meetings to help them feel comfortable.

 Stress that they’ll have privacy

If your friend is fearful that a therapist might not keep their issues confidential, stress to them that the chance of that happening is highly unlikely. Let them know that a therapist is under oath, hence it’s far safer to talk to a therapist than even a close friend. Reassure them that the therapist might face serious repercussions if he/she does not adhere to their signed confidential agreement.

 Refrain from using force

Your loved one might require some time to decide on counseling. During the process don’t try to force him/her, instead, continue to offer support and encouragement. Continue expounding on the benefits of therapy.

Seeking counseling is one of the best decisions a person suffering from mental health issues can make. However, it’s not easy as it requires great strength and courage. You can help them take that step by following the tips provided by Bethesda counseling.