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A common misconception that many people have about talk therapy is that there has to be something “wrong” with you before you can seek out professional help. Part of the reason why people feel this way is because they believe that the highs and lows they are experiencing are a normal part of life and they don’t need help. Other times, people convince themselves that particularly bad stretches are a response to challenges or stressors going on in their life. You don’t have to hit rock bottom to benefit from professional help. A counselor can help your work through life-changing decisions or learn to manage your everyday emotions.

Learning to Ask for Help

You may not recognize that you are in a dark place, or that you are struggling with daily activities. When those closest to you suggest that you might need to seek out professional help, don’t automatically dismiss it. At first, it can be difficult to open up to a counselor, who in most cases is a stranger. When you finally accept the fact that they aren’t there to judge you, but offer advice and support, it makes it easier to open up and discuss your problems and emotions.

Everyone is Worthy of Therapy

Arguably the biggest misconception about therapy is that its sole intention is to treat serious clinical mental illness or to help alleviate the most severe traumas. The beautiful thing about therapy is that it is intended to help with every aspect of living, from the minor to the major. Through therapy, you can learn everything from how to better communicate frustrations and concerns, to how to manage addiction and cope with anxiety and depression.

Therapy isn’t Just About Having “Issues”

A therapist is going to have your best interest in mind, which means they will be able to work with you to see things from a different perspective. Because they are able to view things from a birds-eye view, they can help you to piece together correlations and causations for behavior, feelings, and actions that you may not otherwise realize. You don’t have to go to a therapy session with a pre-planned agenda, some of the best sessions result from a discussion about the goings-on of the previous week. Not everything needs to be falling apart for you to want to improve your life and maintain your well-being.

At A Caring Approach, Dr. Durana offers talk therapy for those who simply need someone to talk to about what’s happening in their life. If you want to learn more about how therapy can help you, contact A Caring Approach today.