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Many studies have been conducted to determine what percentage of the population seeks out marriage, couple or individual therapy. Additionally, experts want to better understand WHY people choose to seek out counseling services. The simplest answer is that people go to therapy to get help. This help can come in many forms, including having someone to help face difficult challenges, support, information, guidance, or simply the space to learn and practice new skills. Here are a few of the most common reasons why people seek out therapy.

Mental Disorders

Individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias, addiction, PTSD, ADHD, and other mental disorders may seek out professional help for treatment and/or healthy ways to cope. In some instances, individuals incorporate medical treatments in addition to counseling services.


Therapy is a healthy option to treat and help individuals work through situations that are causing significant amounts of distress. Therapy is especially effective when events are disturbing an individual’s ability to sleep, eat, study, socialize, or simply enjoy life.


The loss of a loved one is a common reason for people to seek out professional grief counseling. Therapy also provides a safe and supportive place for people to talk about their grief over an adjustment to a physical illness, the end of a relationship or job, past or present abuse, or any changes in life circumstances that may result in high amounts of distress. A licensed therapist can help individuals learn new coping skills to work through these difficult times.


Often, individuals will seek out therapy as a means to improve their communication skills within their relationships. Poor communication can be a cause of distress in relationships, which is why both couple and individual therapy can prove to be useful. Through counseling, individuals can learn ways to improve conflict resolution skills as well.


Finally, some people seek out therapy as a way to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. They are searching for an answer to why they do what they do, or why they feel the way that they feel, and to determine how much control they have over their feelings and emotions. This period of self-exploration can be used to help individuals explore and set career, relationship, and personal goals.

As you can see, there are many reasons couples and individuals seek out professional counseling services. Life can be stressful, confusing, and painful at times. Through the help of a licensed therapist, such as Dr. Durana at A Caring Approach, individuals can learn how to navigate their emotions and circumstances and become the best version of themselves.