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While no one likes to admit that their marriage is less than perfect, it is not uncommon for couples to go through periods where outside, professional help may be necessary. Sometimes it is easy to see and recognize that you need marriage help, while at other times it isn’t so obvious. Here are 4 signs that your marriage needs help.

Outside Input

Most often those who are close to you, outside your marriage, notice that your marriage has problems that need to be addressed through marital therapy Reston VA. It is important to pay attention when friends or family members recognize marital problems between you and your spouse. Often times people outside your marriage are the first to notice serious problems in your relationship, based on behaviors or attitudes. When an outside influence suggests that you need to seek marriage counseling, pay attention.

Changes in Children’s Behavior

Another obvious sign that your marriage needs professional help, is when your children start to act out. Children’s behavior is a reflection of what is going on inside the home. Young children will often react with abnormal behavior, acting out at home or school, or even around friends. All of which are signs that something is wrong at home and needs to change. The same can be said for teenage children, who will engage in activities or socialize with friends that are out of character for them. It is not uncommon for teenagers to deal with the stress of their parent’s unhealthy relationship in unhealthy ways.

Comparing Present Relationship to the Past

A sure-fire sign that your marriage could benefit from professional counseling, is when you or your spouse compares your marriage in its present state to how it used to be. In the early stages of marriage, couples spend a lot of time together, help one another out, are more likely to compromise on differences, communicate effectively, and can easily solve basic problems together. In later years, conflict and stress can squeeze their way into healthy relationships and squeeze these healthy habits out. A marriage requires basic nurturing to survive.

If you notice that these once common practices are now nonexistent, it is a sign that your marriage is struggling. It is a sign that you need to seek out professional marriage counseling.


Periods of prolonged withdrawal indicates that one or both partners in a marriage have reached a point where they can no longer function inside the relationship; therefore, they withdrawal either physically or emotionally. As a result, the relationship is in a downward spiral into an apathetic state, where one partner doesn’t care anymore. Communication, physical affection, sex, and other normal components of a relationship virtually become nonexistent.

If you find your relationship exuding any of the following signs, it is an indication that you need marriage help. A Caring Approach provides professional marriage counseling to help couples work through common marriage problems and rebuild a healthy relationship. Contact A Caring Approach in Washington DC today and schedule your marriage counseling sessions with Dr. Durana.