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Potential Outcomes as a Result of Individual Counseling

individual counseling


Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. offers counseling and therapy in Reston, Virginia, Washington, DC, and Bethesda, Maryland.

There are numerous reasons individuals, couples, and families elect to seek out professional counseling. In years past, people believed you had to be in dire straits to justify asking for professional help. Thankfully, this mentality is evolving. Many people seek out support and assistance with situations in their lives that may be hard to face by themselves, and turn to individual counseling proactively to guide them through transitions and major life decisions.

Individual Becomes More Self-Aware

Effective therapy offers hope that something can be done to improve an individual’s state, and strengthens pathways for exploring and examining problems in one’s life. Through the process of counseling with a therapist Bethesda MD, individuals are able to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and who they are. This, in turn, promotes greater self-acceptance, self-confidence, and appreciation for their own unique abilities and strengths. Once an individual has gained a deeper appreciation for themselves, they are then encouraged to continue to further develop their strengths and making necessary changes. In daily life, individuals change by clarifying problems, trying various solutions, and receiving feedback from their surroundings; out of this come new viewpoints and observations, which lead to new answers and explorations.

Establish Own Set of Values and Beliefs

Many people believe their set of values and beliefs are permanent, set in stone and unchanging. Some of these beliefs come from opinions heard from parents, culture, or community. They may not be the way one actually feels inside; they may be unconscious, controlling the life of an individual unknowingly. But when these beliefs and values are challenged, counseling can help individuals be open to changes. When individuals are open, they become more flexible and adaptable. This allows individuals to have a more open mind, be more receptive to self-discovery, and to changing the way they think, feel, and behave.

Aware of Those Around Them

In addition to becoming more self-aware, individuals will also be more aware of those around them. Counseling can help individuals gain a better understanding of why people do what they do, what motivates them, and what is most important to them. With this type of understanding, individuals will have increased sensitivity and understanding that can help them to build and maintain stronger, deeper relationships throughout their life.

Empowered to Set Goals and Accomplish Them

When working with a counselor, individuals learn how to better handle difficult circumstances, how to make sound decisions, and how to reach and achieve goals. They are able to gain clarity about their life and ultimately learn to develop strategies and ideas that can help them achieve the goals they set for the future. If individuals aren’t sure of the goals they want to set, a counselor can help individuals understand what’s most important to them and then help them set achievable goals.

Physical Health Benefits

Many individuals who have gone through individual counseling claim that following counseling sessions, they feel as though a weight has been lifted off them. They feel significantly lighter, with dramatically reduced stress levels. When individuals feel this way, they feel like they can accomplish their goals set in counseling with a therapist Washington DC.

Opportunity to Make Amends for Past Wrongs

Counseling enables individuals to have the courage to make amends for past wrongs that they may have committed. Coincidentally, individuals are also better able to forgive others for wrongs that may have been committed against them. This action promotes goodwill and allows individuals to build healthier and stronger relationships.

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  1. I like how you said that individual therapy can help you to explore problems in one’s life. We have a son who is really struggling with knowing who he is and how to go about his life. Getting him to an individual counselor seems like it could be really helpful to get him back on track.

  2. That is really nice that effective therapy could really help someone to improve their mental state. That is something I would want to have if I were to need counseling. Maybe something I should look into is some effective individual therapy to have in case I were to need it.

  3. Thanks for explaining how individual therapy can help people gain a deeper understanding of who they are, improving their self-acceptance and confidence as well as help them be aware of their unique strengths and abilities. This would be useful to have, especially when you’re younger to help you be able to make good decisions that fit who you are and fit your life goals, such as choosing a university to attend or career. In order to get this, you’d probably want to research local clinics and professionals that offer individual therapy to find one that you trust and are comfortable with that has the experience and skills to help you understand yourself better.

  4. I thought it was interesting how you said that individuals become more self-aware when they receive counseling. My sister has been dealing with anxiety and depression. It may be beneficial for her to seek out the help of a professional counselor.

  5. My sister is having a hard time at work because she’s stressed out and my parents want her to go through counseling. It was explained here that having counseling will help her become more self-aware and establish a set of values. Moreover, it’s recommended to hire professionals when considering individual counseling.

  6. I like what you said about how counseling can help people more aware of why other people do what they do. My brother has been having a really hard time lately and it could be helpful if he went to counseling. It would be really nice if he could go to a professional that he trusted.

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