Coping with Our Suffering: Grounded Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be defined as a quality or a skill of mind and heart characterized by an open, compassionate and non-judgmental attitude to the contemplation of reality. Practicing mindfulness has been shown in research studies to have positive effects in coping with stress, illness, negative emotions, etc. In my individual counseling practice in Reston, Washington ... Read More

Coping with Chronic Illness and Pain

Chronic illness and pain often cause challenging and difficult life adjustments, decisions, and demands. We may experience: Grief and sadness over the loss of function and quality of life,      Anger and frustration about our new situation,     Loss of control,     Worry and fear about our future,    Guilt about being a burden to others, and    Hopelessness ... Read More

Love and Intimate Relationships

Love is a fundamental aspect of human experience. What is love? What is love in intimate relationships? Efforts to understand love abound over thousands of years of recorded human history, from those of poets to theologians to philosophers, for the experience of love or lack of it affects us all in some way. Adult love ... Read More

Daily Temperature Reading

1. Appreciations 2. Information 3. Puzzles 4. Complaints with requests for change 5. Hopes, wishes and dreams

Listening to the Body

One of my therapy specialties in my individual counseling practice in Washington DC, Bethesda, and Reston is to work with individuals with physical health issues that are influenced by stress, coping mechanisms, posture, unresolved personal or relationship issues, self-defeating ways of thinking, depression, or anxiety. I teach clients practical tools for connecting and listening to ... Read More

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise can help prevent or manage a wide range of diseases; these may include methodic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, certain types of cancer, arthritis, and others. In my therapy practice in Bethesda, Reston, and Washington DC, I find that exercise can also help boost energy, control weight, and improve sex life and sleep. The importance of ... Read More

Our Emotional Intelligence: purpose and tasks of emotions

Our emotional life is the foundation of our interpersonal intelligence, our capacity to relate to others in creative and fulfilling ways. As a form of intuitive knowledge, our emotions play a vital role in communication, fulfillment of needs, intimacy, and reasoning. They are a part of our sense of identity and coping strategies which are ... Read More

Beliefs (Exercise for self-exploration)

Make a list of the positive and negative beliefs in any or all of the following areas of your life: sexual behavior, ideas about right and wrong, beliefs about your role(s) in life, your self-worth, your work, friends and recreation, intellectual abilities, creativity, family, and home life, money, love and romance, spirituality, and aspirations, or ... Read More

Using grounded mindfulness to cope with anxiety: Case example

Anxiety causes a great deal of distress and suffering. I find in my individual counseling practice in Washington DC that a common problem with anxiety is impaired attention. The sufferer not only pays excessive attention to distressful thoughts and feelings, but also the quality of attention is often associated with self-judgment and apprehensive expectations about ... Read More