8 Tips for Improving Communication in Your Relationship

Anyone who has been in a relationship knows that “communication is key”. Even if you’ve not been in a committed relationship, or seen a therapist Bethesda MD, you’ve probably heard that phrase at least once before in your life. Just because we know that communication is key, it doesn’t mean that we necessarily always know ... Read More

Signs that Your Marriage Needs Help

While no one likes to admit that their marriage is less than perfect, it is not uncommon for couples to go through periods where outside, professional help may be necessary. Sometimes it is easy to see and recognize that you need marriage help, while at other times it isn’t so obvious. Here are 4 signs ... Read More

Everything That You Need to Know about Premarital Counseling Part 2

Getting married is an exciting time, you’ve found the one person who makes you indescribably happy, and that you want to spend the rest of your life with. While going through the process of planning the perfect wedding, most couples are experiencing what most people refer to as the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship. But ... Read More

Everything That You Need to Know about Premarital Counseling Part 1

Most engaged couples don’t think about it, but when you are planning your wedding, are you also preparing for your marriage? Recent studies have shown that couples who went through premarital counseling prior to walking down the aisle experienced a 30 percent decline in the likelihood of divorce over a five-year period. Some houses of ... Read More

When Can a Couples Counselor Help?

Couples counseling can prove to be beneficial for couples in a variety of different stages of life, from helping couples draw closer to each other, to overcoming challenges and conflicts that can arise within a relationship. Couples counseling Bethesda MD can help couples to overcome differences and struggles, to grow closer to each other and ... Read More

Couples Counseling – Not Just for Couples in Crisis

Couples therapy can be an intimidating issue to discuss. When you think of couples therapy, you may conjure up images of bitter, arguing husbands and wives sitting in front of an uncomfortable counselor.  This is a highly inaccurate perspective, and is detrimental to many of those that would benefit from a couples therapy session. Couples ... Read More

Why Couples Counseling Is Effective

Couples counseling is for anyone seeking relationship improvement, whether the relationship is going wonderfully and you’re seeking to proactively strengthen it, or the relationship is struggling and needs guidance. In today’s era of ever-expanding understanding about humanity, it only makes sense to consider the tremendous benefits couples counseling can provide for your relationship. Understanding what ... Read More

An Integrative Approach to Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is part of everyday life, and everyone experiences anxiety and fear from time to time. Mild worry, anxiety, and fear plays an important role in helping us prepare and deal effectively with challenging and threatening situations; they are all necessary responses in adapting to life. However, people with anxiety disorders experience anxiety with a ... Read More

Myths, Illusions, and Solutions: Relationship Pitfalls and Saboteurs

At a Caring Approach, Couples Counseling in Bethesda, MD by Dr. Durana, we help couples develop relationship skills, enhance intimacy, and communicate and resolve conflicts effectively. In our intimate relationships, we tend to hold unconscious or unexpressed expectations about love, trust, friendship, power, disagreement, etc. Unmet expectations lead to disappointments and misunderstandings. Often, underlying these ... Read More

Depression: A Treatable Problem

Most of us experience some type of depression as we face life’s challenges. Depression can be mild, moderate, or more severe, as in the case of a clinical depression.  At its worst, a depressive disorder can interfere with our ability to work, eat, sleep, and enjoy life. A person can experience one or more depressive ... Read More