An Integrative Approach to Anxiety Therapy

Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. offers counseling and marital therapy in Reston, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland. Anxiety is part of everyday life and everyone experiences anxiety and fear from time to time. Mild worry, anxiety and fear plays an important role in helping us prepare and deal effectively with challenging and threatening situations; they are all ... Read More

Myths, Illusions, and Solutions: Relationship Pitfalls and Saboteurs

At a Caring Approach, Couples Counseling in Bethesda, Md., by Dr. Durana, we help couples develop relationship skills, enhance intimacy, and communicate and resolve conflicts effectively. In our intimate relationships, we tend to hold unconscious or unexpressed expectations about love, trust, friendship, power, disagreement, etc. Unmet expectations lead to disappointments and misunderstandings. Often, underlying these ... Read More

Depression: a Treatable Problem

Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. offers counseling and therapy in Reston, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland. Most of us experience some type of depression as we face life’s challenges. Depression can be mild, moderate, or more severe, as in the case of a clinical depression.  At its worst, a depressive disorder can interfere with our ability to ... Read More

Basic Issues Underlying Relationship Problems

At a Caring Approach in Reston, Va., we work with couples and families to decrease stress, and to improve communication and relationship satisfaction. Although relationship problems can vary, there are a few underlying issues common to most conflicts.Problems can exist in areas having to do with money, intimacy, communication, sex, support, gender, housework, loyalties to ... Read More

Tools, skills and resources for relationship success and satisfaction

Couples counseling and marriage counseling offered in Reston, VA and Bethesda, MD. Our ability to communicate is essential for creating and sustaining a satisfying relationship. Often, the style of communication is more of a problem than the problem you are communicating about. Under stress, people use defensive communication styles that alienate their partners. In a ... Read More

Changing Habits One Step at a Time

Six steps to heathier living in Reston, Northern Virginia, and Bethesda – let life and wellness coaching and counseling be your guide. Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. offers counseling and marital therapy in Reston, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland. Making important changes in our lives can sometimes be more difficult than we think. Lasting changes often occur, ... Read More

Exploring Personal Beliefs in Counseling

Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. offers counseling and therapy in Reston, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland. Our experience of reality is determined by the beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world. Believes are like spectacles through which we see, or like boundaries around us which represent the limits of our experience. Our emotions and behavior ... Read More

Disruptive Relationship Cycles In Distressed Couples

Carlos Durana Ph.D., M.Ac. offers couples and relationship therapy in Reston, Virginia and Bethesda, Maryland. Traps and Exits We all have vulnerabilities, sensitivities or wounds that are inevitably triggered in intimate long-term relationships. For example, for one person, it may be feeling criticized; for another it may be not feeling adequately cared for, and so ... Read More

Stillness and Tranquility: Recovery and Restoration

Carlos Durana Ph.D. practices counseling and therapy in Reston, Va and Bethesda, Md. Developing the virtues of stillness and tranquility is essential for recovery and restoring our strength and energy after stress, illness or surgery. Like deep nurturing sleep, stillness and tranquility allows the parasympathetic nervous system and other self-healing mechanisms in the body to ... Read More

Coping with Our Suffering: Grounded Mindfulness

Carlos Durana Ph.D. practices Counseling and Therapy in Reston, Va. Mindfulness can be defined as a quality or a skill of mind and heart characterized by an open, compassionate and non-judgmental attitude to the contemplation of reality. Practicing mindfulness has been shown in research studies to have positive effects in coping with stress, illness, negative ... Read More